For many people the pole bug hits the minute they try that first spin. In fact, for some it took hold before they even set foot in the studio, simply from seeing the pictures and videos –  ‘I want to try thaaat!’

For others, the first lesson feels like a slog and the rest of the course is something to be endured – you’ve paid for it, so you might as well attend the rest of the lessons and get your money’s worth, right?

But sometimes, it’s after that third lesson, when you’ve just nailed a spin that you couldn’t even fathom in week 1 and finally, you get the rush – I did it! I must have got stronger after all! Are my arms looking a bit toned? Maybe next week I’ll get that other spin that I couldn’t get my foot in the right place for. Damn I’m proud of myself. Maybe….maybe I quite like this actually?! 


Why Is Pole So Addictive?


Lifting weights makes you feel strong and tones your muscles. You can always strive to lift that heavier weight or push for that extra rep. You have a gym buddy who bigs you up and encourages you too, so what makes pole different?

It’s a tricky one and it’s probably not one but dozens of different factors, but here are a few thoughts:

-Pole originated from the str*p clubs and the vast majority of moves we know today were created by str*ppers. Not everyone likes to embrace this side of pole, but it is a key part of its history and culture and is a huge part of what makes it such an intriguing, female dominated and slightly taboo form of exercise. It’s pretty special for exercise to be able to make you feel like a sexy, sensual, sassy badass.

-It is a brilliant form of ‘me time’ and a great mental health boost, as when following your instructor’s directions, your brain is forced to switch off from work or mum mode and you can and completely focus on yourself.

-Every session is planned for you. You don’t know what your instructor has in store, so every lesson feels like an exciting new box of chocolates (even if sometimes you do end up with 3 of your least favourite flavour!)

-Pole is multifaceted and you’re bound to find something you love – sexy or contemporary, dance or fitness, gymnastic or theatrical, fast or slow, spinning or static, bendy moves or strength moves… the list is endless and prevents you from ever getting bored or feeling like you’ve ‘been there, done that’ or achieved it all.

-It’s very social media friendly. A whole catalogue of different combinations and moves to be in awe of, to praise, to save (and to probably never attempt because it looked way easier than it was!). Seeing those beautiful pole sets, the power spins, the superhuman strength and flexibility just keeps the fire burning and makes you want to be at the studio NOW!

-It’s a very sociable atmosphere and pole friends often become friends for life. And guess what – when you want to see your pole friends, it makes you go to pole. You don’t want FOMO after all!


A Pole Addict in Action!


Be Proud


There’s one more element that I believe plays a part in the addictive nature of pole.

Pole isn’t easy! It hurts, it requires a lot of practice and it takes lots of time. But the outcome is an immense feeling of satisfaction and pride when you do achieve what you were working towards. 

Stop and think about that feeling for a moment. When was the last time you felt really proud of yourself or that you felt celebrated by someone else?

We are encouraged to celebrate our achievements on a regular basis as a child, a teenager and even as a young adult. From learning something new, to producing an impressive piece of work, to scoring well in that exam, to ditching our L Plates, and graduating uni. But somehow, in the daily grind of work and chores and kids, that all stops. Luckily, pole fills that gap, as suddenly we have a reason to feel proud of ourselves outside of work and a place to share our achievements with a community of like-minded people who are genuinely impressed with, inspired by and pleased for us.

What do you think? How quickly did you get the pole bug and what keeps you coming back week after week? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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