Before you can attend our Pole Dance, Open Practice or Level 2 sessions, we ask that you first complete a Beginners Pole Fitness course (either with us or elsewhere). This is to ensure that you are familiar with the fundamentals before we try and build upon them, to help you progress safely. 

However, our Level 1 course, One-to-Ones and Group Privates are open to all.

Every course runs in a 4 week block and is priced at £45.00. You will find all details in TeamUp. Course blocks are released a couple of weeks in advance and newsletter subscribers get priority booking!

If you’d like a chat about what class would be most suitable for you, please just get in touch 🙂 

Level 1 Pole Fitness

Pre-requisites: None

During our 4 week course, you will be introduced to a range of basic grips and spins, as well as climbing and sitting. You will be guided by your instructor on how to perform these moves with correct form and posture in order to help prevent injuries. You will work on some pretty shapes and will begin to connect the moves you have learned into short sequences.

Level 2 Pole Fitness

Pre-requisites: You must be able to comfortably climb, sit and perform basic spins such as front hook and carousel

During our Level 2 blocks, you will build upon the skills you learnt during the Level 1 course, working on some conditioning each week to develop your strength and grip. Your instructor will teach you some longer spin sequences and will start preparing you to safely invert (go upside down). When you have the required strength and technique, you will start to work on some inverted moves. You will also learn alternative climbing techniques and will perform some combinations up the pole, starting to reach for the stars!

Level 3 Pole Fitness

Pre-requisites: You must be able to comfortably invert and perform arms only preps such as ‘Inverted D’ and ‘Butterfly’

During our Level 3 courses, you will be taught to build longer sequences with the moves you have learnt in your Level 2 classes. You will now be comfortable upside down and will be ready to work on arms-only moves such as Ayesha. You will also start to look at some more dynamic movements. Moves will have more difficult entries and exits and will require a higher degree of strength/flexibility. There will always be a shiny new move you’re wanting to nail!

Pole Dance

Pre-requisites: We ask that you have completed the Beginners Pole course at a minimum for this class, as you will need to feel comfortable gripping the pole and performing some basic spins.

Want to feel sassy, empowered and a bit sexy? This is the class for you! 

After a warm up, we will learn some heels* and floorwork techniques, focusing on various elements such as muscle isolation and the use of our platforms. Each week we will learn approx 30 secs – 1 minute of new pole and floorwork choregraphy until we have our finished dance. Don’t worry if you miss a week – your class buddies will help you catch up! A great class for building confidence and having a good giggle. 

*Heels are not compulsory! You are very welcome to attend barefoot or in dance shoes, but the heels might just draw you in after a while 😉

If you would like advice on suitable heels to purchase for these lessons, please don’t be afraid to ask!

Stretch & Flex

Pre-Requisites: None

While every pole lesson includes some warm up and cool down stretches, if you are doing pole regularly and working your muscles hard and often, this can result in them shortening and becoming tight and painful if you don’t spend enough time stretching – ouch! This will also leave you more vulnerable to injuries and you might find yourself feeling even further away from those beautifully flexy moves you’ve got your eye on 🙁  Luckily our stretch classes will allow us to release the tension, lengthen the muscles, avoid the knots and inch that bit closer towards our goal moves – Perfect!

Mixed Ability Hoop

Pre-Requisites: None

Beginners will become comfortable with different grips and ways of mounting the hoop, along with some pretty hangs and sits, while those who have hooped before will work on short sequences of moves. Our main focus will be on developing the required strength and technique to perform the movements in a safe, controlled way.

Open Practice

Our open practice sessions are your chance to practice without the structure of a standard lesson. It’s a time when you can use the space to train moves that you have already been taught, practice combos, stretch, condition or choreograph a routine. Work alone or with a friend (Social distancing permitted). We’ll be there to help where you need it, but there will be no prescribed warm-up, taught moves or cool-down.


Pre-requisites: None

A one to one session can be a great way of easing in gently if you’ve never tried pole before and you struggle with anxiety or larger group settings. They can be equally beneficial if you feel you’ve reached a bit of a plateau in your training and are needing a boost, if you’ve got a specific area of training that needs some special attention, or if you’ve got a performance coming up and need help building a routine. A pack of privates also makes a great gift 😉

Small Group Privates

Pre-requisites: None

Scared of coming to a group class on your own? Got a friend or two who might be interested in coming along with you? Maybe you’ve attended our group classes, but you and your classmates want to get some extra sessions booked in to really nail that nemesis move? A small group private could be ideal.

Do any of the below tickle your fancy? Contact us to register your interest:

  • Contemporary Pole Dance

  • Chair Dance

  • Pole Conditioning class

  • Mums and Babies class

  • 50+ Pole

  • Men’s Pole Fitness

  • Kids/Teens Pole

Is there another class you’re interested in that you can’t see listed above? Contact us and let us know what you would like to see running!