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Listening to polers talk can sometimes be like listening to a foreign language, especially when you’re just starting out. Dork side, minjury, kip, fishflop, slunge. Is this pole jargon, pole lingo? Are these people ok?!

I like to call it Poleglish and I will be dedicating a series of blog entries to it.


Poleglish – The Move Dictionary


It hit me a few months ago just how strange this pole jargon must sound to the untrained ear.

The (unofficial) dictionary of pole moves has been compiled over many years by polers from all corners of the world and there’s often a multitude of different names for the same move, which can get very confusing when moving from studio to studio!

It includes moves named after the dancers who first performed or discovered them (Marion Amber, Heidi), to names inspired by the things the shape resembles (Frog Pose, Cruxifix), to those inspired by popular culture (Superman, My Little Pony). There are also some seemingly completely random names (Cloud), names that signify how the move is going to feel (Superpain) and even those that indicate the danger or difficulty level (Dangerous Brian, The Backbreaker). Some of the strangest names come from the amalgamation of 2 moves – Handglider Meathook anyone..?!

Beginners, I see you – do not fear. Front Hook, Fan kick, Chair Spin and Angel don’t sound half as bad do they? So please don’t run away screaming just yet!


Frog puppet demonstrates the pole move 'Frog Pose' on his outdoor pole
I’m not sure that really counts as ‘Frog Pose’ Kermit…


Croissants and Poissons…


Once you start thinking about what inspired the names, you’ll never look at the moves in the same light again. Is that person who’s calling it a Croissant in the know about an exciting new move, or are they actually referring to what you know is actually called the Poisson (and more importantly do you have the heart to tell them they might have it wrong?). Where does the Fuchsia take its name? Is it because it’s making you turn very pink in the face? Probably!

What are the best move names you’ve come across? Or do you end up inventing new names yourself just to make them easier to remember?

Tell me in the comments!

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